APOTHECARY: Creating Biobased & Sustainable Personal Care Product Ranges

Apothecary Programme MTU

Apothecary Programme About this course The Circular Bioeconomy Research Group (CIRCBIO) at Munster Technological University (MTU) have launched ‘APOTHECARY’ our new programme for secondary level students. Participants engage in an interactive design sprint, working in teams to create new biobased product ranges for the personal care industry. Students learn about the EU Green Deal, the […]

HABERDASHERY: Sustainable & Circular Wearables Design Programme

Haberdashery Sustainable & Circular Fashion Design Programme About this course Haberdashery is a two-day innovation challenge introducing circular design and circular economy principles. Students learn about the developments in new and revolutionary biobased materials which are both sustainable and circular by design, better for the environment and offer a growing range of alternatives to the […]