The Team

Dr Aleksandra Augustyniak

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr Aleksandra Augustyniak is a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Circular Bioeconomy Research Group at Shannon ABC, Munster Technological University. Aleksandra is working on the Horizon 2020 Bio4Africa project that aims to transfer simple, small-scale and robust bio-based technology to rural Africa. The objective of the project is to empower African farmers and farming communities to produce a wider range of high-value products using local biomass.

Aleksandra completed her PhD in Biological Sciences from the Laboratory of Cytogenetics at the University of Łódź, Poland. She joined Shannon ABC in 2015 and since then she has worked on a number of projects with a variety of industrial clients, including nutraceuticals, medical devices and cosmetics. Her main research interests focus on various aspects of cell culture technology. Aleksandra specializes in mammalian cell culture and in vitro screening for novel compound bioactivity using various cellular models.