In 2021, Munster Technological University (MTU), CircBio Research Group and Enterprise Ireland initiated a new first-of-a-kind regional circular bioeconomy cluster in South-West Ireland supporting enterprise profit, collaboration and training.


With a focus on marine, agriculture and waste-to-value thematic areas, our goal is to develop and promote the circular bioeconomy in the South-West region. The cluster brings together industry, enterprises, government and research centres to deliver unique and co-created initiatives to benefit member companies. The cluster supports members with research and development, project development, project partner identification, talent and skills development, market connections, and funding.


Many of the products and services we use today such as food and energy are produced using unsustainable fossil resources that harm our climate, nature and society. Our world is searching for alternative approaches that provide a fair and prosperous future for us all. The bioeconomy offers society a path to apply knowledge, science, technology and innovation to how we use and consume resources from our soils, fields, forests and seas that respects nature and increases social equality by reducing our use of fossil resources and developing green practices, products and local jobs in places where we wish to live. The bioeconomy will support us to value nature and be less wasteful as a society. It will allow us to produce sustainable fertilisers for our fields and nutritious food for our healthy and active lives. It will also offer us sustainable packaging for the goods we buy and innovative materials to both build our homes and support our industries to re-use its waste and reduce its energy use.

Why do we need a cluster?

A cluster unlocks and accelerate business opportunities and new value chains across sectors including those of strategic important to the South-West namely marine, agriculture and industry. An active cluster with industry, SMEs, educational institutes, government and finance stakeholders working together towards similar goals through targeted programmes will speed up the innovation cycle, foster talent and support enterprise growth.

Cluster Team contact

Catriona Power – Education & Outreach Manager Circular Bioeconomy

Advisory Group

Dr. Helena McMahon – Head of Department STEM & Co-Founder of CircBio Research Group, MTU

Cal Flynn – Research and Development, Kerry Group

Michael O’Neill
– CEO, Pure Ocean Algae

Brid McElligott – Vice President, Research, Development and External Engagement, MTU

Enda Buckley – Director of Sustainability, Carbery Group

Stephen Fitzpatrick
– Technical Director, Nutramara

Garrett Dillon – General Manager, Dillon Waste