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Bioeconomy Winter Webinar Launch 

Schedule of the Bioeconomy Winter Webinars

Bioeconomy starts with farmers, forest-owners, and fishers and offers opportunities to access new markets, increase resource use efficiency, and add more value to harvested produce and by-products, through the shift from fossil fuels and synthetics towards bio-based production.

The Circular Bioeconomy Research Group at Munster Technological University is hosting the Bioeconomy Winter Webinar series as part of the EU-funded COOPID project to examine the potential for bio-based business approaches for food, feed and fibre producers.

Each event will involve bioeconomy leaders from different farming sectors, research, industry and government, including Irish farmers, researchers, and others who participated as COOPID ambassadors in European “Success Story Showcases” – producer-led demonstrations of bioeconomy strategies implemented they have on their farms, co-operatives, and in other producer collaborations.

The Bioeconomy Winter Webinars will take place each Thursday from December 1st to January 19th, at 8pm.

Download the calendar with the register links here!

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