Improving farmers’ position in the farming chain


Short Food Supply Chains (SFSCs) hold promising potential for sustainable development in agriculture, encouraging cooperation among farmers, creating better relations between farmers and customers and reducing transport costs and CO2 emissions.

The EU-funded agroBRIDGES project will empower farmers with practical knowledge and tools to set up new business and marketing models based on SFSCs with a focus on reducing intermediaries and linking producers with consumers. To this end, it will follow an integrated methodology to establish regional multi-actor structures for demand-driven innovation, and deliver a combination of communication materials, training programmes, events and digital tools in the agroBRIDGES toolbox.

The project will directly involve over 400 people, delivering practical support to producers, consumers, contracting authorities, distributors and scientists.


agroBRIDGES aims to build bridges between producers and consumers, rebalancing farmers market position by empowering them with knowledge about new business and marketing models. Specific objectives include:

  • Empowerment of farmers: Empower farmers with practical, knowledge and support to set up SFSCs, better linking producers with consumers and procurers.
  • Decision support tools: Deliver decision support tools to facilitate the selection of the most sustainable business model to be adopted for animating SFSCs.
  • agroBRIDGES Toolbox: Offer a combination of communication materials, training programmes, event guides, and digital tools packed in the agroBRIDGES Toolbox.
  • Multi-actor structures: Establish regional and international multi-actor structures for stakeholder-driven development, testing, validation and roll out.



  • Rebalancing the market position of farmers and increasing their income. Better connecting farmers with consumers and reducing intermed.

Project details

Start date:
01 January 2021

End date:
31 December 2023

H2020 €2.998,926.25


  • Teagasc – Agriculture And Food Development Authority (Ireland)
  • Fruitvegetables Europe (Belgium)
  • Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus Vtt Oy (Finland)
  • Wageningen University (Netherlands)
  • Consiglio Per La Ricerca In Agricoltura E L’analisi Dell’economia Agraria (Italy)
  • Munster Technological University (Ireland)
  • Fbcd As (Denmark)
  • Fundacion Corporacion Tecnologica De Andalucia (Spain)
  • Fundacja Unimos (Poland)
  • Vegepolys Valley (France)
  • Sabri Ulker Gida Arastirmalari Enstitusu Vakfi (Turkey)
  • Rezos Brands Anonymi Emporiki Eteria Idon Diatrofis (Greece)
  • Sustainable Innovations Europe Sl (Spain)
  • Impact Hub Sl (Spain)

Project Coordination

Organisation name: 
Q-PLAN International (Greece)