MAINSTREAMing small-scale BIO-based solutions across rural Europe via regional Multi-actor Innovation Platforms and tailored innovation support


MainstreamBIO sets out to get small-scale bio-based solutions into mainstream practice across rural Europe, providing a broader range of rural actors with the opportunity to engage in and speed up the development of the bioeconomy. We start with regional Multi-actor Innovation Platforms (MIPs) established in 7 EU countries to enhance cooperation among key rural players towards co-creating sustainable business model pathways in line with regional potentials and policy initiatives.

Alongside them we support 35 multi-actor partnerships to overcome barriers and get bio-based innovations to market with hands-on innovation support, accelerating the development of over 70 marketable bio-based products and services. In parallel, we develop and employ a digital toolkit to better match bio-based technologies, social innovations and good nutrient recycling practices with available biomass and market trends as well as to enhance understanding of the bioeconomy with a suite of educational resources building on existing research results and tools.


  • Establish regional Multi-actor Innovation Platforms to bring together and enhance cooperation between key stakeholders, opening up sustainable bio-based business model paths in rural areas
  • Co-develop innovation support services and digital tools to build awareness, understanding and capacity to uptake small-scale bio-based solutions in line with market demand and regional specificities
  • Deliver tailored innovation support services to accelerate the deployment of scientific and practical knowledge, introducing bio-based solutions to the market along with marketable products and services
  • Evaluate results and use evidence to drive multi-actor dialogues, peer learning and knowledge transfer, delivering guidelines and recommendations for replication in rural areas across Europe
  • Raise awareness, cluster with relevant initiatives and communicate the project, disseminating its results, while also acting towards their widespread adoption and sustainable exploitation


  • Enhanced cooperation of key players and knowledge holders resulting in sustainable business model pathways for bio-based innovations in rural areas
  • Provision of tailored and independent support to innovators to accelerate the development of marketable products and services and improve the market penetration of bio-based solutions in Europe
  • Successful deployment of existing scientific and practical knowledge and increased number of implemented bio-based solutions in rural areas in line with relevant policy initiatives

Project details

Start date:
1st September 2022

End date:
31st August 2025

Horizon Europe, €2,999,032.00


  • Munster Technological University
  • Wageningen UR
  • IUNG
  • RISE Bioeconomy
  • Plodviv University
  • Food and BioCluster Denmark
  • Innovarum
  • Draxis
  • White Research

Project Coordination

Organisation name: QPLAN