Grow Green, Burn Blue


The Grow Green, Burn Blue project involves the production of intermediate bioenergy carriers from Irish non-forestry biomass for use in renewable district heating systems, and value-added co-products using a novel continuous pyrolysis process.The objective of this project is to demonstrate the ability for Ireland to generate RES-H at scale by producing domestic intermediate bioenergy carrier (IBC) alternatives to imported forestry biomass fuel. This project is highly relevant and timely to the needs of the Irish Energy Sector and to the remit of the SEAI on many fronts but primarily the following four:

  1. Achieving Ireland’s RES-H targets
  2. Securing Ireland’s supply of RES-H by promoting domestic biomass resources
  3. Informing the roll-out of district heating options for policymakers
  4. Job creation in the bioeconomy with a wide geographic spread across Ireland


  • Construct & Commission Continuous Throughput Pyrolysis Machine (TRL 7)
  • Produce Intermediate Bioenergy Carrier (IBC) Solid Biomass Fuel
  • Identify Non-Forestry Biomass Feedstocks and Target Chemicals
  • Extract Target Chemicals
  • Compare renewable heating options for different building heating needs including District Heating systems

Project details

Duration: Feb 2022 – Feb 2024

Funding: Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, €621,012


  • Munster Technological University
  • Keelings Fruit Distribution
  • Dublin City Council
  • Teagasc
  • Irish Distillers (Pernod Ricard)
  • Donnybrook Landscapers
  • O’Cualann Social Housing
  • Unitherm Heating Systems
  • HDG Bavaria GmbH
  • Spanner Re2 GmbH
  • Oventrop UK
  • Loggamera