Mres Project

Identification of high potential regional value chains for Ireland’s bioeconomy


The bioeconomy has emerged as a new opportunity for ensuring better use of natural resources. The purpose of this research is to identify the potential available biomass on regional and national levels in Ireland and further elaborates to characterize the biomass in terms of its composition and fate, along with integrating the data into a bioresource modeling tool.

The model generated indicative figures of available bioresource arisings regionally across Ireland. Key stakeholders were involved throughout the research to identify the potential resources. The data of the research can be used to evaluate potential new regional value chains. There are several potential value chains involving biomass which after further characterization can indicate the national and regional potential of the bioeconomy in Ireland. This research will serve as a roadmap for recognizing the potential value chains and potential biomass arisings on a regional and national level.

This sustainable approach will reduce environmental impacts, help to move towards the zero-waste strategy and will focus on circular economy in Ireland.


  • Identifying the most promising industrial/agricultural/forestry/marine feedstocks available for valorisation
  • Identifying locations for potential establishment of biobased industries based on feedstock availability
  • Highlighting potential for regional bioeconomy development (e.g. on a local authority, regional or provincial level)
  • Identifying the most promising value chains for adding value to residues in the short and longer term (taking into account TRL level of technology)
  • Identifying the most promising technologies for processing identified Irish feedstocks
  • Exploring future areas of research (or interlinkages with existing research) which can help to improve the economic/environmental sustainability of bioeconomy value chains in Ireland

Project details

March 2020 – Feb 2022

Institute of Technology Tralee

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