Mres Project

Using GIS to determine the potential for green biorefineries to become a sustainable diversification opportunity for Irish Agriculture


The research masters project is using GIS and scenario modelling to determine suitable locations for green biorefineries in Ireland. The project is aiming to use scenario analysis and models to determine which type of green biorefinery would be suitable for Irish agriculture, particularly beef and dairy farming.

The objectives of the project are to create diversification in farming and to help reduce the greenhouse gases and carbon emissions in agriculture. This will be carried out through evaluating different green biorefinery technologies and scenarios, then carrying out workshops with farmers to narrow down which scenario would be best suited for Irish agriculture.

After, a cost-return analysis of each scenario chosen will be carried out and lastly multiple criteria in GIS will be used to determine suitable locations. The CirBio Group has supported the project through providing research resources and expertise in bioeconomy.


Identifying geographical locations that may be suitable for green biorefineries based on

  • required feedstock catchment areas and regional variations such as income and grass
  • quality
  • Identifying suitable grass biorefinery process models for replication in Ireland
  • Evaluating the feasibility of green biorefineries under different economies of scale
  • Evaluating the economic feasibility of green biorefineries in current and future scenarios

Project details

November 2020 – August 2022

Institute of Technology Tralee

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