The Team

Dr Hadil Alaydi

Postdoctoral researcher

Hadil Alaydi

Dr Hadil Alaydi is a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Circular Bioeconomy Research Group at Shannon ABC. She is working on an SEAI-funded project ‘Grow Green Burn Blue’ that aims to demonstrate the ability of Ireland to generate RES-H at scale by producing domestic intermediate bioenergy carrier (IBC) alternatives to imported forestry biomass fuel.  

Hadil’s PhD research in the Department of Applied Science, Faculty of Applied Science, Engineering and Technology at TUS focussed on the development of supercritical fluid-CO2 extraction of polyprenols from Irish tree species: an assessment of green technologies on the extraction of health-focused bioactive. Hadil received her bachelor’s honours degree in Bioanalysis and Biotechnology from Limerick Institute of Technology in 2016. Hadil has worked in the Department of Applied Science at TUS as an Assistant Lecturer, Researcher, and Tutor.