Bioeconomy Winter Webinars – January Schedule

Bioeconomy Winter Webinar January Schedule

The Bioeconomy Winter Webinars are back, with three more webinars lined up for January, focusing on different aspects of the Irish bioeconomy related to the poultry, dairy, and horticulture sectors (see schedule above). The Irish bioeconomy webinars will take place at 8pm (GMT) each Thursday from January 12th to 26th. To register, visit the following […]

Bioeconomy Winter Webinar recordings available

Bioeconomy Winter Webinars recordings

After a successful start to our Bioeconomy Winter Webinar series on December 1st, the presentations made by our excellent panel have been made available on our YouTube channel. Catch up on all the presentations here:  1st webinar recordings 2nd webinar recordings    For more information about webinars contact:

Bioeconomy Winter Webinar Launch 

Schedule of the Bioeconomy Winter Webinars

Bioeconomy starts with farmers, forest-owners, and fishers and offers opportunities to access new markets, increase resource use efficiency, and add more value to harvested produce and by-products, through the shift from fossil fuels and synthetics towards bio-based production. The Circular Bioeconomy Research Group at Munster Technological University is hosting the Bioeconomy Winter Webinar series as part of the […]